Space Planning


The most fundamental part of any project is planning out the space.  Our design team will help guide you through how best to create a new space with a focus on aesthetic, function, accessibility, productivity, and comfort. 

Furniture Accessory & Art Selections


Finding the right furniture or art can be challenging to some.  We can help provide you with furniture choices that will suit your style, comfort, and function.  With an established design concept we can make selections to cohesively pull the spaces together.

Custom Window Treatments & Bedding


Window treatments are like the icing on a cake.  Depending on the design concept, window treatments can make a bold statement or designed to simply soften a room.  With an almost infinite amount of fabric options, hardware, and styles to choose from, our designers will create a one of a kind window treatment that fits within its space.  


Bedding is just like window treatments in the limitless possibilities of fabrics and design options.  It too can be a bold statement in a room or a simple look if other elements in the space demand attention.  Bedding is more personable and geared to the functional use of the individual(s) using the bed.  Our designers ask the questions you may not in order to provide the best functional, style and design you require.

Finish & Material Selections


Finish and material selection is always an important challenge to tackle. Materials and finish selections have become more complicated these days, not only because there are more options to choose from, but also because there are more aspects to consider along the way.


Different colors will produce different effects.  The same can be said for finishes. Switching from a glossy surface to a matte one can alter the way a room feels.

Construction Documents


Our design team can provide:


2D drawings


       -Furniture plans


       -Electrical plans

       -Reflected ceiling plans. 

3D renderings

Paint schedules

Lighting Schedule

Finish and Material Schedules


These documents will provide the information to your contractor so they are aware of the type and quality of material in advance.  It makes their job so much easier when they have detailed construction documentation. 

Construction Administration

We work directly with your contractor to discuss the plans and information provided (construction documents) for your project to ensure it is executed as intended.  We answer questions the contractor may have and inform you of any issues that need addressed along the way.  

Purchasing Procurment & Installation


We know and understand our clients have busy schedules.  Our team saves you time by providing the service of purchasing, procuring, and installing your goods.  We coordinate with vendors and contractors on the materials and finishes and schedule with shipping, deliveries, and installtions.  We take out the hassles and stress of the things that could go wrong along the way.